OpenStack Certification by Mirantis

Certification Overview

Showcase your skills, knowledge and experience in an OpenStack environment. With two exam offerings, Mirantis OpenStack certification in an ideal way to measure an individual's overall proficiency in an open source cloud environment.

OpenStack Administrator Certification Exam
Associate Level (MCA100)

MCA100 - OpenStack Administrator Certification - Associate Level

A Multiple Choice OpenStack Certification Exam

This is a multiple-choice written examination, ideal for measuring an individual's level of knowledge surrounding OpenStack environments, theory, best practices and troubleshooting.

OpenStack Administrator Certification Exam
Professional Level (MCA200)

MCA200 - OpenStack Administrator Certification - Professional Level

A Hands-On OpenStack Certification Exam

This is a performance based hands-on exam, perfect for measuring an individual's proficiency in creating, configuring, and managing OpenStack environments.