OS50: OpenStack Fundamentals

Course Description

A one-day introduction to the fundamentals of OpenStack

Perfect for sales engineers, project managers, business developers, or any IT professional not in need of extensive, hands-on training, Mirantis now offers an abbreviated version our top selling OpenStack Bootcamp as an introduction to OpenStack course.

During this one day course, students will be introduced to OpenStack, the ecosystem, and the architecture. The course also includes a hands-on OpenStack lab, allowing students to operate OpenStack through Horizon.

This quick, yet comprehensive introductory course is led by real-world Mirantis engineers. Passionate about teaching, every Mirantis instructor is committed to helping IT professionals of all skill levels advance their expertise in OpenStack, offering individual help and facilitating students in understanding class materials.

Course Details

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Price: $ 1000.00 USD


  • None

Target Audience

  • Project Managers
  • Pre-Sales / Sale Engineers
  • Development Managers
  • Business Stakeholders

Lab Requirements

  • Laptop with Web Browser


The objective of the class is to help all students speak intelligently about OpenStack.

By the end of this course, students will receive a basic understanding of OpenStack, the terminology, how the components interrelate, as well as gain a high-level understanding of what it is like to operate an OpenStack cluster. Without covering all the low level details and configurations, this course is intended to help business developers and sales engineers transition seamlessly through pre sales stages and successfully close deals.


  • Course introduction
  • OpenStack History and Ecosystem
  • OpenStack Architecture
  • OpenStack Components
  • OpenStack Terminology
  • OpenStack Operations through Horizon

Upcoming Classes

United States

Location Jan 2015 Feb 2015 Mar 2015 Apr 2015
Washington, DC Mar 2
Boston, MA Feb 23
Dallas, TX Feb 23

  • OpenStack Training in Munich
    October 7-10, Munich, Germany

  • OpenStack Training in Paris
    October 29-31, Paris, France


  • Having gone through rigorous certifications, I find the MCA-100 exam to be of the highest quality. The test reflects accurately the content covered during the 3-day bootcamp. Most importantly in my opinion, is that the technological independence that Mirantis professes is accurately reflected in the exam. Highly recommended.

    Ramiro Salas Global Technology Specialist, OpenStack

  • Just spent the last three days training with [Mirantis instructor] Polina Petriuk. Her class was--by far--the best training class I've taken in a long, long, time.

    Joshua Feldman Director, Data Center

  • I would highly recommend Mirantis OpenStack training. The technical depth was excellent. Processes of authorization with tokens, databases, RabbitMQ and others were explained very well. Troubleshooting was explained very thoroughly and well structured. Every participant had a dedicated OpenStack cluster for practical work. The real life implementation with HA and other considerations was discussed.

    Alexander Low Deutsche Borse Cloud Exchange AG, Germany

  • The most useful part of participating in OpenStack BootCamp was its combination of theory and practice, networking module and dedicated attention by instructor. With Mirantis extensive experience and guidance I learned about OpenStack functionality and use of Devstack for development which was exactly what I needed.

    Miguel Lavalle OpenStack Developer

  • Great program that guides you through OpenStack architecture and highlights its capabilities and limitations.

    Russ McElroy Manager – Storage Engineering

  • Technical overview, quantum networking and flow work for virtual machine creation made this class helpful for beginners as well as more advanced users.

    Ahmed Al-Mehdi Sr. Software Engineer

  • The boot camp proved to be a great hands-on conceptual overview supported by knowledgeable instructors and presented at a comfortable pace.

    Berry Weber CTO

  • This was a great experience even for someone just starting to learn OpenStack. The instructors were able to break down a complex concept into understandable steps and engaging examples.

    Joseph Williamson OpenStack Cloud Network Engineer – Sr Adviser

  • The class did a great job at explaining Quantum and Folsom changes, deployment and use cases. Lectures were perfectly mapped to labs

    Jeffrey Rametta Solutions Engineer

  • If you need a 2-day intensive introduction into the operation of OpenStack, this course is for you. In this program you will learn the limitations and capabilities of the various pieces that make up the system with focus on using both GUI and CLL. The variety of hands-on exercises as well as pointing out strengths and weaknesses of the system proved extremely useful.

    David Kensiski Director of Technical Infrastructure

  • I attended Mirantis’ OpenStack training program seeking a better understanding of the OpenStack software architecture and operations practices. The program far surpassed my expectations and I consider it an excellent introduction to OpenStack. It's a quick jumpstart to the entire product.

    Bernard Golden VP, enStratus

  • For me, the most useful part of attending this Boot Camp was seeing and interacting with the software. Putting hands on the system, talking to someone who had used it in production, and getting a better deep-dive than the manual/documentation at the process level were key benefits. I'd encourage people to take the class to get up to speed quickly.

    Pat Holben CTO

  • The most useful part of this Boot Camp was getting a good understanding of the architecture, and meeting participants from other companies working on OpenStack. It helped me understand the status of the OpenStack Project in terms of how it can help our mutual customers today, and in the future.

    Don Vosburg Technology specialist