Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp (KD100) on Feb 8 Virtual - Americas

Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp (KD100) on Wed, Feb 8 in Virtual - Americas


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Course ID: Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp (KD100)

Start Date: 2/08/2017

End Date: 2/09/2017

Duration: 2 Days

Hours: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time

Confirmed to run: No

This training is taking place in Virtual - Americas .


  • Strong experience using Linux command line
  • Understanding of the software development lifecycle
  • A general understanding of virtualization concepts
  • Experience with networking concepts
  • Understand how a simple web application works

Target Audience:

  • Software Developers
  • Architects
  • Deployment Engineers

Lab Requirements:

  • Laptop with any OS
  • Any web browser supporting HTML5
  • SSH Client - Optional

Provider: Mirantis


Learn Docker and Kubernetes to deploy, run, and manage containerized applications.

Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp (KD100) is a 2 day instructor-led training for software developers, architects, deployment engineers, or other IT team members responsible for the automated deployment, scaling, management, and running of applications.

This course requires students to be very familiar with the Linux command line. The course is broken up into two sections: lectures and labs.

The lectures provide an introduction to Docker and Kubernetes. Students will learn how to use Docker for developing, shipping, and running applications. Also, students will learn how to use Kubernetes to automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

The labs provide hands-on experience through the installation of a Docker and Kubernetes cluster from scratch. Students will also learn how to run a Docker container, build a new Docker image and configure it. Over the length of the course, students will use Kubernetes to deploy and manage a simple web application.

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After completing this course students will understand:

  • What is a container, how it differs from a virtual machine, and how to use containers to deliver software applications faster
  • What is container orchestration and why it is needed
  • How to install Docker from scratch
  • How to use Docker to run and manage containers
  • How to build Docker images
  • How to configure volumes and networks in Docker
  • How to install a Kubernetes cluster from scratch
  • How to create Kubernetes pods, deployments, and services
  • How to manage containers
  • How to discover and connect containers
  • How to use Kubernetes to deploy a software application consisting of several components


  • Introduction to containers and containerized applications
  • Introduction to Docker, container orchestration, and Kubernetes
  • Installing Docker and installing a Kubernetes cluster
  • Building a Docker image and running a Docker container
  • Working with Docker volumes and networks
  • Kubernetes pods, volumes, deployments, and services
  • Using Kubernetes to deploy a web application with a database
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