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Mirantis Training Microservices and Istio Bootcamp

The Microservices and Istio Bootcamp (IST100) is a 2 day instructor-led training covering Service Mesh, Istio Architecture, and Envoy Proxy. Students will gain hands-on experience with Istio’s core features including Traffic management and Security for applications running on Kubernetes. The course is broken up into two sections: lectures and labs.

The lectures provide a high level overview of service mesh ecosystem, Istio architecture, Traffic management, Telemetry with Istio, and Network Policy enforcements.

The labs provide a hands-on experience with Istio components and concepts.

Duration: 2 Days

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Audience & Prerequisites

Engineers with Kubernetes experience looking to deploy and use Istio.

  • Software Engineers
  • Cloud Operations Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Architects
  • Site Reliability Engineers looking to adopt Istio as the service mesh provider on Kubernetes


  • Basic experience using Linux command line
  • Strong understanding of virtualization technologies (i.e. Hypervisors, virtual networks, containers)
  • Strong understanding of Kubernetes (KD250 or equivalent)

Objectives and Outline

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the service mesh and its ecosystem
  • Explain the components of Istio and their features
  • Understand how to deploy microservices application with Istio
  • Understand how to configure advanced traffic routing features with Istio
  • Understand how to monitor microservices with Istio
  • Understand how to improve resilience for microservices with Istio
  • Understand how to secure traffic between microservices with Istio
  • Explain the different hybrid cloud scenarios and solutions provided by Istio

Course Outline:

Day 1

  • Module 1: Introduction to Service Mesh
  • Lab 1: Classroom Environment
  • Module 2: Istio Architecture
  • Lab 2: Istio Installation and App Development
  • Module 3: Istio Ingress & Egress Controllers
  • Lab 3: Istio Ingress Controller
  • Module 4: Traffic control
  • Lab 4: Shifting and Steering Traffic with Canary Deployments

Day 2

  • Module 5: Telemetry with Istio
  • Lab 5: Monitoring Microservices
  • Module 6: Microservices Resiliency
  • Lab 6: Fault Injection, Rate Limiting, and Circuit Breaking
  • Module 7: Microservices SecurityModule 7: Microservices Security
  • Lab 7: Mutual TLS & RBAC

 Please review our syllabus for the full course objectives and outline

Lab Requirements

  • Laptop with WiFi connectivity
  • Web browser supporting HTML5
  • SSH client

What's Included?

  • Presentations and Workbooks provided by Instructor
  • Access to Cloud based labs for duration of class
  • Certificate of Completion

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