MCPOps: Mirantis Cloud Platform Operations

Introduction to MCP and using Infrastructure as Code to operate
your Cloud (OpenStack)



  • The MCPOps course will no longer be available after January, 2021

Mirantis Cloud Platform Operations is a 2 day instructor-led training for cloud and system administrators, devops and software engineers, and IT team members responsible for operating with Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP).

The course is broken up into two sections: lectures and labs.

The lectures provide a high level overview of MCP and its components. Students will learn about Model Driven Architecture, managing infrastructure code, and in-depth knowledge on operating MCP with its Stacklight, SaltStack, Reclass, and DriveTrain components.

The labs provide a hands-on experience with a pre-deployed all-in-one Mirantis Cloud Platform. Students will learn how to navigate various user interface components, perform updates using the CI/CD Pipeline and SaltStack, monitor the infrastructure using Grafana / Prometheus, and ends with a comprehensive practice to tie in all the skills you have acquired.

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted at students with the following:

  • Skills: OS220/OS250 or OS250 Legacy (or equivalent) experience
  • Motivations: Manage day to day operations of Mirantis Cloud Platform
  • Roles: Architects, Cloud System Administrators, Devops and Software Engineers

Lab Requirements

  • To access our cloud hosted lab environment, students will need a laptop computer with a ssh client and a web browser.

Course Objectives

  • Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) Architecture
  • In-depth knowledge of using Salt and Reclass in MCP
  • Infrastructure as Code & Code-review process
  • Operate CI/CD pipeline via DriveTrain
  • Continuous Deployment with Istio and Flux
  • Familiarity with utilizing Stacklight components