MCA100 OpenStack Certification Exam


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DETAILS MCA100 Details:
  • Exam Code: MCA100
  • Question types: Multiple choice, true and false, multiple selection
  • Minimum Passing Score: 70%
  • Delivery Method: Online Delivery
OBJECTIVES MCA100 Objectives:

An individual who has completed the MCA100 certification is able to:

  • Understand how things work in an OpenStack Environment
  • Describe OpenStack Architecture
  • Troubleshoot common OpenStack failures
  • Understand the abilities of core projects
  • Understand how to work with platform components like message queue, database
  • There are no restrictions on eligibility to take this exam
AUDIENCE The following audiences may be interested in earning this certification:
  • IT professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge of OpenStack
  • OpenStack experts, who want to demonstrate their use of OpenStack skills
  • Linux System Administrators or equivalent skills are recommended
RECOMMENDED PREPARATION Mirantis recommends the following to prepare for the exam:
BENEFITS Earning Mirantis® OpenStack Certification gives you:
  • Recognition in the industry
  • Increased customer confidence
  • Proof of knowledge and skills
  • Certification verification for employers and customers
  • New career opportunities