Mirantis Certification KCM100 Exam Requirements This hands-on exam allows students to prove their depth of knowledge on the topic of Kubernetes & Docker.

Below you will find a list of topics that are tested in the KCM100 exam. We hope that this list will help you better prepare for the exam. Good luck!

KCM100 Requirements & Exam Topics

Docker Basics ( 5% )
  • Use Docker command line client
  • Start and manage Docker container
Docker Images ( 5% )
  • Write Dockerfile
  • Build a new Docker Image
Docker Networking ( 5% )
  • Create a Docker network
  • Connect a container to a network
  • Expose a container’s port
Docker Data Volumes ( 5% )
  • Use a Data Volume
  • Use a Data Volume Container
Kubernetes Basics ( 10% )
  • Use Kubernetes command line client
  • Create and use Kubernetes Namespace
Kubernetes Resources ( 20% )
  • Define Kubernetes Pod, Replication Controller, Service, Deployment using YAML
  • Create and manage Kubernetes Pod, Replication Controller, Service, Deployment
  • Create Kubernetes Secrets
Kubernetes Resource Management ( 10% )
  • Use Kubernetes Labels and Selectors
  • Resize a Replication Controller
  • Rollout and rollback a Deployment
Kubernetes Networking ( 10% )
  • Set a Service type
  • Expose a Deployment
Kubernetes Persistent Volumes ( 10% )
  • Use a Persistent Volume
  • Use a Persistent Volume Claim
Multi-Container Apps with Kubernetes ( 20% )
  • Discover a Service using environment variables
  • Use Kubernetes Secrets
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