Learn For Free: Mirantis Preview Package

Interested in Mirantis training, but need that last push to make up your mind? Mirantis is now offering our students the option to learn for free our most popular courses covering Kubernetes, OpenStack, and Software Defined Networking. Our content covers skills most sought after by employers. Try all of the course modules below to get a good foundation in many open source cloud technologies.

Learn for free - Mirantis Preview Package

What’s included:

We have included chapters from our three most popular courses, these aren’t just snippets of content, were providing you with full length chapters from our bootcamps. We hope that this allows our students the chance to really see what our courses are about and let them make the right choice to suit their needs. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up today!

Learn for free - Kubernetes Chapter

Kubernetes Chapter
Get the chance to learn about application deployment models. Learn the necessities and downfalls of virtualization. Get a high-level overview of other container technologies as well as related technologies. Cover what containers are and why you should use them.

Learn for free - OpenStack Chapter

OpenStack Chapter
Learn & explore the OpenStack environment, explore the OpenStack Dashboard, learn how to launch an instance, connect to an instance, track and manage instances. Get a glimpse at how the OpenStack Compute service (Nova) functions.

Learn for free - SDN Chapter

Software Defined Networking Chapter
Get an introduction to what Software Defined Networking is, covering OpenFlow, OpenvSwitch, OpFlex and P4. Learn how SDN works on established standard protocols, such as BGP. Review networking flexibility in the kernel or eBPF. Understand how to separate control and data planes.

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