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Meet Our OpenStack Instructors

OpenStack experts with real-world experience.

Mirantis OpenStack instructors are true masters in their field, offering the unique combination of real-world technical experience with advanced communication and teaching skills. Having first cultivated their talents as devops, command-line ninjas, system administrators, engineers, and scientists, Mirantis instructors bring these talents to the classroom - working to ensure each student receives the technical experience they need to be become a true OpenStack guru.

Incredibly skilled in Linux, networking, virtualization and storage, Our instructors are in-house Mirantis engineers with real-world experience. OpenStack is not just their job, it's their passion. It's a passion they continue to share and cultivate by participating in any number of OpenStack projects, writing expert blog posts, and developing OpenStack training curriculum.

Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Reza Roodsari

Reza Roodsari

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Double BA in Mathematics & Computer Science from UCSC and a MS in EECS from Santa Clara University 
  • Early career included work as a c/c++ developer on Unix and embedded real-time systems. 
  • Led teams in US, Taipei, and Shanghai, developing IPMI firmware for BMC for Dell, IBM and other ODMs.
"There is a lot I like about being a trainer - I've always enjoyed teaching. However, what stands out for me in leading Mirantis OpenStack trainings is the opportunity to meet engineers and architects working on some of the most exciting and challenging IT projects currently out there."

Learn a little more about Reza: Early in his career, Reza was a c/c++ developer, working on Unix and embedded real-time systems. He received his double BA in Mathematics and Computer Science at UCSC and his MS in EECS at Santa Clara University.

Reza has taught courses at Santa Clara University and he has worked as an adjunct faculty member. He also joined Versant Object Tech, working as a trainer and post-sales/service engineer, deploying applications on Versant ODBMS throughout north-America and Europe.

Reza participated in the internet revolution and web development in late 90s at a startup that didn't quite make it, followed by a decade leading various teams in the US, Taipei, and Shanghai developing IPMI firmware for multiple generations of BMC for Dell, IBM, and other ODMs. After stepping back into the internet and the cloud in 2012, he has been inspired by the breath and growth of open-source, as well as the transformation of software to glueware.

When not working with Openstack: Reza is married and lives with his wife and two teenage girls in sunny San Luis Obispo, California - home of CalPoly.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Devin Parrish

Devin Parrish

Technical Writer, Senior Technical Instructor

  • Began career as a Systems Engineer, automating, deploying, maintaining Linux & Unix systems 
  • OpenStack experience includes deployment, configuration, cloud operation & troubleshooting 
  • Has led trainings on a range of topics, including Linux administration and Java development
"Mirantis OpenStack training not only gives you the hands-on experience all administrators need, but it also gives you the knowledge needed to understand the internals of OpenStack."

Learn a little more about Devin: After completing studies in Computer Science, Devin began his professional career as a Systems Engineer automating, deploying, and maintaining Linux and Unix systems. He then began training professionals in topics ranging from Linux System Administration to Java software development.

Devin’s extensive OpenStack experience includes includes deployment and configuration, cloud operation, and troubleshooting.

When not working with Openstack: Devin enjoys traveling, bicycling, and anything hockey related.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Damian Igbe

Damian Igbe, PhD

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Westminster, UK. 
  • Has eight-plus years of commercial experience building computer clusters and cloud infrastructures 
  • Experience includes deploying up to 500 Servers & PCs and virtual computers with IT automation tools
“I am glad to be among those doing what they love most and most importantly doing that with Mirantis, the leaders in Openstack Training.”

Learn a little more about Damian: Damian received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Westminster, UK. Computer networking is one of his passions and interests, and he is always working to hone and cultivate this expertise. Damian has more than 8 years commercial experience building computer clusters and cloud infrastructure, and deploying up to 500 Servers & PCs and virtual computers with IT automation tools.

After spending several years as a techie combined with a research degree, Damian always felt that his next career move would be in an environment where he could better utilize his core technical and communication skills. Technical training affords him the opportunity to connect with his technical colleagues in the classroom and share ideas.

Damian shares his technical experience and knowledge and at the same time learns from his colleagues too - this is why he is always looking forward to his next training.

When not working with Openstack: Outside the classroom, Damian is probably jogging or hacking Openstack or playing with his kids.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Chad Miller

Chad Miller

Senior Technical Instructor

“Teaching extremely technical material to smart students is what I've always wanted to do, and I'm really passionate about it. Teaching OpenStack for Mirantis -- and you -- really is my dream job.”

In college, Chad double majored in Computer Science and Theater, meaning he can keep you entertained while teaching you the nitty gritty of Openstack. With over twenty years of adult education experience, he really knows how to make things memorable, too.

He has taught a wide variety of technical topics, ranging from programming languages, database design and administration, customer relationship management systems integration and implementation, and yes, drama and improvisation skills.

When he's not teaching OpenStack or tinkering therein, you can find him playing video games, wiring an Arduino or Raspberry Pi up to some crazy new mad scientist gadget or art project, and generally putting blinking lights on anything he can.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Grzegorz Pawelski

Grzegorz Pawelski

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Engineer's degree in software and computer architecture from Warsaw University of Technology
  • 15+ years of experience as a systems engineer at IBM, AT&T and Nokia
  • Trainings developer and instructor in Nokia Centre of Excellence
“It is a great pleasure to be a part of Mirantis and the OpenStack community.
I believe that knowledge sharing becomes a natural progression when you love to discover and learn how things work.”

Grzegorz started his career as a young computer enthusiast. After handing over his beloved Amiga 500 to his younger brother, he switched to a PC, which very soon became controlled by Linux. Years later, he attended Warsaw University of Technology where he graduated with an engineer's degree in software and computer architecture.

Before joining Mirantis, his spent over 15 years at IBM, AT&T and Nokia, where he worked as a systems engineer in the areas of IP networking, IT security, mobile networking, virtualization and telco cloud. As a contributor of Nokia Centre of Excellence, Grzegorz developed and led trainings and workshops on the above topics.

When not working with Openstack: Grzegorz enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and kids. He enjoys playing and watching football, cycling, and reading scientific books and articles.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Stephen Nemeth

Stephen Nemeth

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Directed design and architecture for Cisco Advanced Services on some of Cisco's largest projects
  • Worked as a trainer at State Farm Insurance after directing the collaboration security design
  • Formerly a Linux Systems Administrator focusing on reliability engineering, exploitation, and system monitoring
“Mirantis has pioneered OpenStack to be an enterprise ready offering.
This includes preparing administrators and support staff for the challenges of running OpenStack in production, providing a comprehensive enterprise solution.”

At the early age of two, Stephen had an Amiga Commodore and immediately fell in love with computers. He has been working with computers ever since and considers himself to be a lifelong computer enthusiast. Before joining the Mirantis Training team, he spent five years working extensively with Cisco on various projects, including working for Cisco Systems Advanced Services. Prior to Cisco, he worked on LAMP stacks and had a strong interest in pentesting and security design.

He is a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and an avid supporter of open source software. He is also an innovator, keeping apace of rapid changes in technology and engineering.

When not working with OpenStack: He currently resides in Silicon Valley. He has two dogs and a cat and enjoys reading, camping, theater and music. He is also interested in 3D printing, chemistry and material science, and drones for home use.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Chris Caillouet

Chris Caillouet

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Worked with OpenStack since its inception within the Open Cloud divisions of Rackspace Hosting, a founding member of OpenStack and the community ecosystem
  • Author and instructor of OpenStack materials and seminars for over 5 years and OpenStack Summit attendee and speaker
  • Lifetime immersion into hardware and software technologies and evolutions as a passion and career path
"Helping someone reach the 'ah-ha' moment with a technology they want to explore. The way the eyes of an engaged learner light up with fire when the light bulb comes on, as they do so. The atmosphere of learning that fosters togetherness and values the expansion of one's knowledge. Surrounding myself with brilliant individuals who aspire to improve, grow and develop themselves. These desires within myself are what led me into the OpenStack community, life as a technical instructor and the humble stage of the classroom. It is a pleasure to share and explore technologies with others and to fuel their passions and successes."

Learn a little more about Chris: Chris has always had a passion for technology, in general, and spent his life immersing in the ever-evolving ecosystem of computers on both hardware and software. A seasoned administrator, engineer and architect, he has always aimed to provide world class experiences to customers in need of assistance within his realms of expertise.

Chris became a Red Hat Certified Instructor and has also authored numerous tracks of curriculum, as well, covering Hosting, Linux, Cloud, Orchestration, Configuration Management, Automation and DevOps workflows. Most recently, while working at Rackspace Hosting, Chris had the opportunity to operate, support, train and lead teams focused on the OpenStack Cloud revolution that continues to blossom within the industry.

In his extracurricular life, Chris has a passion for mentorship and leads many city and statewide efforts focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) educational topics. Having launched, hosted and supported countless efforts to host bootcamps, cyber defense training, hack-a-thons, robotics camps and competitions of various kinds in the ecosystem, Chris has a deep passion for enabling the future landscape of technology and success for his local area - with an aim to expand his efforts globally.

When not working with Openstack: Based out of San Antonio, Texas, Chris spends his free time adventuring through the great outdoors. Kayaking, camping, gardening, and hiking are just a few of his favorite ways to spend a beautiful day surrounded by nature. Originally from Louisiana, visiting family and enjoying the friends, food and music of his home state are always on his mind and he is an eager ambassador for those wanting to travel to see his native land.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Todd Bowman

Todd Bowman

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Todd has 20 plus years in the IT field with a focus in networking, and high performance computing.
  • Holds a CCIE certification, the industry's top networking certification and a Master’s Degree in computer science.
  • His worked on a 100G data transfer SDN and network virtualization projects.

Todd has 20 plus years in the IT field with a focus in networking, and high performance computing. He has held a CCIE certification, the industry's top networking certification and a Master’s Degree in computer science. Before coming to Mirantis he worked on a 100G data transfer SDN and network virtualization projects.

Todd lives in Taos, NM with his wife and two boys.


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