Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors

Meet Our Mirantis Instructors

Cloud technology experts with real-world experience.

Mirantis instructors are true masters in their field, offering the unique combination of real-world technical experience with advanced communication and teaching skills. Having first cultivated their talents as devops, command-line ninjas, system administrators, engineers, and scientists, Mirantis instructors bring these talents to the classroom - working to ensure each student receives the technical experience they need to be become a true OpenStack guru.

Incredibly skilled in Linux, networking, virtualization and storage, Our instructors are in-house Mirantis engineers with real-world experience. OpenStack is not just their job, it's their passion. It's a passion they continue to share and cultivate by participating in any number of OpenStack projects, writing expert blog posts, and developing OpenStack training curriculum.

Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Reza Roodsari

Reza Roodsari

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Double BA in Mathematics & Computer Science from UCSC and a MS in EECS from Santa Clara University 
  • Early career included work as a c/c++ developer on Unix and embedded real-time systems. 
  • Led teams in US, Taipei, and Shanghai, developing IPMI firmware for BMC for Dell, IBM and other ODMs.
"There is a lot I like about being a trainer - I've always enjoyed teaching. However, what stands out for me in leading Mirantis OpenStack trainings is the opportunity to meet engineers and architects working on some of the most exciting and challenging IT projects currently out there."

Learn a little more about Reza: Early in his career, Reza was a c/c++ developer, working on Unix and embedded real-time systems. He received his double BA in Mathematics and Computer Science at UCSC and his MS in EECS at Santa Clara University.

Reza has taught courses at Santa Clara University and he has worked as an adjunct faculty member. He also joined Versant Object Tech, working as a trainer and post-sales/service engineer, deploying applications on Versant ODBMS throughout north-America and Europe.

Reza participated in the internet revolution and web development in late 90s at a startup that didn't quite make it, followed by a decade leading various teams in the US, Taipei, and Shanghai developing IPMI firmware for multiple generations of BMC for Dell, IBM, and other ODMs. After stepping back into the internet and the cloud in 2012, he has been inspired by the breath and growth of open-source, as well as the transformation of software to glueware.

When not working with Openstack: Reza is married and lives with his wife and two teenage girls in sunny San Luis Obispo, California - home of CalPoly.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Devin Parrish

Devin Parrish

Technical Writer, Senior Technical Instructor

  • Began career as a Systems Engineer, automating, deploying, maintaining Linux & Unix systems 
  • OpenStack experience includes deployment, configuration, cloud operation & troubleshooting 
  • Has led trainings on a range of topics, including Linux administration and Java development
"Mirantis OpenStack training not only gives you the hands-on experience all administrators need, but it also gives you the knowledge needed to understand the internals of OpenStack."

Learn a little more about Devin: After completing studies in Computer Science, Devin began his professional career as a Systems Engineer automating, deploying, and maintaining Linux and Unix systems. He then began training professionals in topics ranging from Linux System Administration to Java software development.

Devin’s extensive OpenStack experience includes includes deployment and configuration, cloud operation, and troubleshooting.

When not working with Openstack: Devin enjoys traveling, bicycling, and anything hockey related.



Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Chad Miller

Chad Miller

Senior Technical Instructor

“Teaching extremely technical material to smart students is what I've always wanted to do, and I'm really passionate about it. Teaching OpenStack for Mirantis -- and you -- really is my dream job.”

In college, Chad double majored in Computer Science and Theater, meaning he can keep you entertained while teaching you the nitty gritty of Openstack. With over twenty years of adult education experience, he really knows how to make things memorable, too.

He has taught a wide variety of technical topics, ranging from programming languages, database design and administration, customer relationship management systems integration and implementation, and yes, drama and improvisation skills.

When he's not teaching OpenStack or tinkering therein, you can find him playing video games, wiring an Arduino or Raspberry Pi up to some crazy new mad scientist gadget or art project, and generally putting blinking lights on anything he can.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Grzegorz Pawelski

Grzegorz Pawelski

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Engineer's degree in software and computer architecture from Warsaw University of Technology
  • 15+ years of experience as a systems engineer at IBM, AT&T and Nokia
  • Trainings developer and instructor in Nokia Centre of Excellence
“It is a great pleasure to be a part of Mirantis and the OpenStack community.
I believe that knowledge sharing becomes a natural progression when you love to discover and learn how things work.”

Grzegorz started his career as a young computer enthusiast. After handing over his beloved Amiga 500 to his younger brother, he switched to a PC, which very soon became controlled by Linux. Years later, he attended Warsaw University of Technology where he graduated with an engineer's degree in software and computer architecture.

Before joining Mirantis, his spent over 15 years at IBM, AT&T and Nokia, where he worked as a systems engineer in the areas of IP networking, IT security, mobile networking, virtualization and telco cloud. As a contributor of Nokia Centre of Excellence, Grzegorz developed and led trainings and workshops on the above topics.

When not working with Openstack: Grzegorz enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and kids. He enjoys playing and watching football, cycling, and reading scientific books and articles.



Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors - Todd Bowman

Todd Bowman

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Todd has 20 plus years in the IT field with a focus in networking, and high performance computing.
  • Holds a CCIE certification, the industry's top networking certification and a Master’s Degree in computer science.
  • His worked on a 100G data transfer SDN and network virtualization projects.

Todd has 20 plus years in the IT field with a focus in networking, and high performance computing. He has held a CCIE certification, the industry's top networking certification and a Master’s Degree in computer science. Before coming to Mirantis he worked on a 100G data transfer SDN and network virtualization projects.

Todd lives in Taos, NM with his wife and two boys.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors -Mike Scherbakov

Mike Scherbakov

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Designed networking, automated deployment for the very first Public Cloud based on OpenStack in 2011
  • Started Fuel, OpenStack lifecycle management tool, and managed engineering team with the scale of the project, holding full responsibility for delivery
  • Developed and delivered the first OpenStack Training by Mirantis

Mike began his computer experience with programming in Basic, and then Visual Basic at school years. Once he learned about Linux, he never went back to Windows. While getting his MS in Physics, Mike continued hacking Linux and eventually decided to switch his career to Computer Science. During his career, Mike has held a variety of roles, including systems and network administration, DevOps, Deployment and QA automation, software engineering and management roles.

Mike has pioneered a few key initiatives at Mirantis. These include the first design, customization and deployment of OpenStack; the first OpenStack training; the first Mirantis product project Fuel - which later led to Mirantis OpenStack offering.

With a number of public presentations at meetups and conferences, delivery of the first OpenStack training, coaching of his team members while working on Fuel project, Mike has mastered skills to explain complex things by simple words and to ensure that material is well understood.

Besides work: Mike lives in Bay Area and enjoys California National Parks with his lovely wife and daughter.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors -Dusan Dordevic

Dusan Dordevic

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Dusan has 20 years of professional experience with focus on mission critical systems and devops.
  • Has computer technologies, degree, holds RHCE certificate for long time and COA from recently. On not technical side he has Scrum Product Owner and ITIL education.
  • Experience moving large e-commerce, telecom and gaming systems to cloud and being in charge for large production sites.

Dusan started his professional career as a Linux and Unix system administrator and for a long time he was maintaining servers in 24x7 mission critical environment. He also has lots of experience with other building blocks of cloud computing, networking and storage, so when cloud become important it was natural move to step into that direction. He has experience moving large e-commerce, telecom and gaming systems to cloud and being in charge for large production sites.

His skills are not only from technical side, he is well versed in agile methodologies as well. Apart OpenStack only, he is currently authoring book about devops, which is publicly available on Leanpub.

When not working with Openstack: Dušan currently lives in Dublin, Ireland. He enjoys travelling with his girlfriend, cooking and wine. Since he lives next to river, rowing is his sport of choice.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors -Santosh Bingi

Santosh Bingi

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Experienced and passionately hands on with Unix Systems for over 18 years
  • Worked on OpenStack since the Grizzly release
  • Always been a self - learner and has been continuously deciphering the “Cloud” Metaphor to enable a pleasant learning experience.
  • Delivered trainings on Python development, Linux Administration and Automation tools

Learn a little more about Santosh Bingi: He spent his early years hacking on the Linux Kernel much before Red Hat came up with the concept of RPMS & Anaconda. The first Kernel he worked with was 0.98. From 1976 lines of code at that time, he has seen it span millions of lines of code. Apart from partaking in the advocacy efforts in the Linux User Groups, He has actively consulted and supported customers to transition to Linux based infrastructure through his career of 18 years.

Having spent many years in architecting solutions on Linux Platform, He moved to training as he could articulate himself in the areas he has been passionate about. OpenStack Training provides all the opportunities to connect, collaborate and understand the nuances of how OpenStack is being harnessed in the Industry. OpenStack Experience includes Deployment, Configuration, and Troubleshooting.

When not working with OpenStack: Santosh enjoys listening to music, playing badminton and occasionally visiting historical places.


Mirantis OpenStack Training Instructors -Dajiang Yang

Dajiang Yang

Senior Technical Instructor

  • Over 20 years of experience working in the IT field with focus on Database Technology and maintaining Linux & Unix systems.
  • Responsible for multiple cloud platform projects, specializing in Cloud platform experience, deployment, configuration & optimization.
  • Significant experience in training & project management.

Learn a little more about Dajiang Yang: Dajiang' professional career began as a Database Developer, even during his time in college he was responsible for developing a backend financial system for a company. He currently holds a variety of certifications such as: MySQL, Microsoft Engineer & Instructor, ITIL. Dajiang has participated in multiple system integration projects, private cloud projects and network security Project.

When not working with OpenStack: Dajiang loves to tinker with his Rasberry Pi and playing around with Blockchain.


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