The Mirantis Container Days session is a high-level introduction to Cloud Native Conterization concepts. This one-day introductory course is perfectly suited for any general technical audience or IT Professionals interested in expanding their Cloud Naitve knowledge. We’ll cover best practices in container image design and container deployment and auditing, as well as an introduction to single-node container networking and storage. This course is best practices focused, and is designed to enable rapid successful adoption of containerization from first principles.

Objectives and Outline

  • Introduction by Mirantis Team Members
  • Containerization motivations and implementation
    • Usecases
    • Comparison to virtual machines
  • Creating, managing and auditing containers
    • Container implementation from the Linux kernel
    • Container lifecycle details
    • Core container creation, auditing and management CLI
  • Best practices in container image design
    • Layered filesystem implementation and performance implications
    • Creating images with Dockerfiles
    • Optimising image builds with multi-stage builds and image design best practices
  • Single-host container networking
    • Docker native networking model
    • Software defined networks for containers
    • Docker-native single-host service discovery and routing
  • Provisioning external storage
    • Docker volume creation and management
    • Best practices and usecases for container-external storage.
  • Q&A Session & Conternization demo with Mirantis SMEs

Lab Requirements

  • Laptop with WiFi connectivity
  • Attendees should have the latest Chrome or Firefox installed, and a free account at
  • Students should be familiar with basic filesystem navigation and text editing in the bash shell.

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