Empower Your OpenStack Team with Private Training

When you sign up for Mirantis Private Training, our experts come to you. At the location of your choice, they will set up our signature lab and teach you everything you need to know about OpenStack, its deployment, environment, and key components. With more flexibility and classes tailored to your immediate needs, there is no better way to familiarize your company with OpenStack.

During private courses, our OpenStack trainers are at your location and solely focused on your company's needs. Featuring lectures and hands-on labs like its public equivalent, the class is delivered by Mirantis experts with deep practical experience in developing and deploying OpenStack clouds in production environments. We want to address your unique questions to help you benefit from our expertise in OpenStack technology.

Enablement And Value

A well-trained team is your most important investment towards your OpenStack roll-out, migration and maintenance. Onsite training enables everyone to learn and collaborate in a familiar environment. You also save the costs associated with lost productivity, travel expenses, and jet lag.

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