Mirantis Training and Certification

Through expertly led, hands-on training, Mirantis Training helps IT professionals around the globe advance their skills in OpenStack. In addition to teaching a 100% pure OpenStack curriculum, Mirantis Training offers a variety of course levels and locations worldwide to fit any training needs.

New Technology Courses by Mirantis

The Mirantis's new vendor-agnostic courses provide both companies and individuals with a variety of training options to increase their knowledge and use of cloud technologies.

New! Online Training

The new self-paced online training format features the same high-quality course content in a format of recorded video sessions by our senior instructors, supplemented with extensive cloud-based labs.

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Private Training by Mirantis

When you register for private training, our experts come to you. At the location of your choice, our instructors set up our signature lab and teach you everything you need to know about OpenStack and its deployment, environment, and key components.

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Mirantis Certification for OpenStack

Mirantis Training offers industry-recognized certification for OpenStack, enabling students to prove their knowledge and skill set in OpenStack.

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5 years of Mirantis Training

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Vendor Free OpenStack Training

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5000+ people trained and certified by Mirantis

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Mirantis OpenStack training is available in 70+ locations

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