We prepare for industry recognized Docker, Kubernetes & OpenStack Certification. Mirantis has certified over 6,500 students since beginning our program, and we’re proud to have 90% of those students recommend Mirantis Certification. Our certifications evaluate and recognize a candidate’s proficiency in the technical skills most sought after by employers. This provides companies from around the world with a meaningful way to help identify the top talent that is available in the industry today.

Certification Catalog

Name Description Price Register
CKA The official exam offered by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Mirantis is a partner & reseller for the CKA exam, all proctoring and scheduling is done by the CNCF. $300.00 Register
DCA The first exam in a comprehensive multi-tiered professional certification program, the DCA serves as a foundational benchmark for real world Docker skills across the container industry $195.00 Register
COA The offical exam offered by the OpenStack Foundation. This is a performance-based exam testing the skills required to provide day-to-day operation and management of an OpenStack cloud. $400.00 Register
If you have taken an OCM50, OCM100 or KCM100 exam with us in the past, you can still verify your certificate here.  

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