Yannick Meillier

Solutions Architect, VMware Inc.

“You can learn k8s on your own. There is plenty of material. But this training condenses into 4 days a large amount of topics, from basic to advanced, that would take ages to assemble on your own. Definitely a must take. But definitely not as a 101, even though it covers the 101s. You’d get more out of this class if you come prepared with some knowledge of the platform already.”

Nickola Naous

Chief Information Officer, TMDHosting, Inc

“I have been struggling with OpenStack for the past year and run in couple of severe problems, mostly due to lack of skills. I decided to up my OpenStack game, started researching online and found that you, Mirantis, are the best structured course provider out there. Congratulations on creating this course and keep up the good work!”

Robert Collura

Systemes Engineer

Kubernetes & Docker was a very informative class. Devin is very knowledgeable and kept the right pace to not only get through the material, but to also answer questions. I would definitely take another class with Devin and Mirantis. This training session was extremely helpful.”

Yoko Hyakuna

Curriculum Developer, Apcera

“You’ll learn just about everything you would need to know about OpenStack.”

Chris Rand

Consulting Systems Engineer, CIena

“Helps you understand using an open source virtualization tool enabling you to eliminate dependency on costly tools like VMWare.”

Simon Stevens

Advisory Systems Engineer, EMC

“A 3-day class that quickly gets you up and running with the OpenStack basics, which allowed me to have more relevant conversations with customers.”

Julio Colon

Consultant Software Engineer, EMC

“This class is the 2nd step to get a deeper hands-on installation experience for OpenStack.”

Hajime Miyamoto

Senior Engineer, KDDI

“Mirantis’s training is based on absolutely “Pure” OpenStack. This is one of the reasons, you should choose it. It is too hard to learn individual manner of each distribution.”

Aravinthan Gopalasingham

Research Engineer, Alcatel-Lucent

“Mirantis Training is the perfect place to get into the reality of OpenStack. The most beneficial parts for me were the general overview of OpenStack and the deep-dive into Nova networking. The hands-on workshop was also very helpful for learning to deploy OpenStack. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a clear, unbiased overview of OpenStack.”

Prasad Chandratre

System Engineer, Nokia Networks

“The training and exam definitely take you to the next level of OpenStack administration. Key concepts are not only explained in detail, but matching practice assignments make it an effective learning experience. The trainer was very professional and delivered skills and knowledge very well during whole training.”

Alexander Löw

Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG, Germany

“I would highly recommend Mirantis OpenStack training. The technical depth was excellent. Processes of authorization with tokens, databases, RabbitMQ and others were explained very well. After every section, an online test was conducted in order to verify the learning results, as students learned how to set up OpenStack manually. Troubleshooting was explained very thoroughly and well structured. Every participant had a dedicated OpenStack cluster for practical work. The real life implementation with HA and other considerations was discussed.
From my point of view, the instructor provided additional value. He was experienced in all fields, even outside OpenStack.
The class was very good. I was able to extract the maximum in knowledge in three days.”

Ramiro Salas, CISSP, VCP, OCM100,

WW Technology Specialist, OpenStack

Having gone through rigorous certifications like VCP and CISSP, I find the OCM100 exam to be of the highest quality. Considering the dozens of flags of most OpenStack CLI commands and the multiple ways to interact with a complex multi-part system like this, the test focuses more on they key aspects you absolutely need to understand for a successful implementation, not exclusively in the tiny details. The test reflects accurately the content covered during the 3-day bootcamp, although it should be possible to pass with independent OpenStack knowledge. Most importantly in my opinion, is that the technological independence that Mirantis professes is accurately reflected in the exam. Highly recommended.

Joshua Feldman

Director, Data Center, LSI

Just spent the last three days training with [Mirantis instructor] Polina Petriuk. Her class was — by far — the best training class I’ve taken in a long, long, time.

Miguel Lavalle

OpenStack Developer

The most useful part of participating in OpenStack BootCamp was its combination of theory and practice, networking module and dedicated attention by instructor. With Mirantis extensive experience and guidance I learned about OpenStack functionality and use of Devstack for development which was exactly what I needed.

Ted Kuo

Global Strategy Officer, D-Link

The BootCamp is a helpful aid to beginners in grasping overall task creation flow, networking concepts and technology involved in OpenStack and Quantum.

Russ McElroy

Manager – Storage Engineering, Ebay Inc.

Great program that guides you through OpenStack architecture and highlights its capabilities and limitations.

Ahmed Al-Mehdi

Sr. Software Engineer, 3PAR / HP

Technical overview, quantum networking and flow work for virtual machine creation made this class helpful for beginners as well as more advanced users.

Barry Weber

CTO, T3 Dynamics LLC

The boot camp proved to be a great hands-on conceptual overview supported by knowledgeable instructors and presented at a comfortable pace.

Joseph Williamson

OpenStack Cloud Network Engineer – Sr Advisor, Dell

This was a great experience even for someone just starting to learn OpenStack. The instructors were able to break down a complex concept into understandable steps and engaging examples.

Jeffrey Rametta

Solutions Engineer, Brocade

The class did a great job at explaining Quantum and Folsom changes, deployment and use cases. Lectures were perfectly mapped to labs

David Kensiski

Director of Technical Infrastructure, School Loop

If you need a 2-day intensive introduction into the operation of OpenStack, this course is for you. In this program you will learn the limitations and capabilities of the various pieces that make up the system with focus on using both GUI and CLL. The variety of hands-on exercises as well as pointing out strengths and weaknesses of the system proved extremely useful.

Vinay Mamidi

Product Manager, Cisco Systems

If you want to understand how to create value for your customers around the cloud, take this class.

Bernard Golden

Vice president, enStratus, and co-author of “Creating the Infrastructure for Cloud Computing” and “Cloud Computing: Managing the Risk”

I attended Mirantis’ OpenStack training program seeking a better understanding of the OpenStack software architecture and operations practices. The program far surpassed my expectations and I consider it an excellent introduction to OpenStack. It’s a quick jumpstart to the entire product.

Jacob Rosenberg

Cloud Platform Architect, COMCAST CABLE

Cloud technologies are a key part of our product deployment strategy at Comcast. Our work with Mirantis has helped accelerate our team’s capabilities in building and deploying cloud technologies using OpenStack

Pat Holben


For me, the most useful part of attending this Boot Camp was seeing and interacting with the software. Putting hands on the system, talking to someone who had used it in production, and getting a better deep-dive than the manual/documentation at the process level were key benefits. I’d encourage people to take the class to get up to speed quickly.

Aaron Jablonowski

Manager, Data Center Automation Engineering, AUGUST SCHELL ENTERPRISES

The Boot Camp session was most useful in providing an OpenStack component overview, along with workflow and network architecture. It’s a great overview in a short time.

John Fogarty

Data center solutions architect, DELL

The most useful part of this Boot Camp was learning how to deploy OpenStack for real world use, and practicing OpenStack operation on multiple nodes.

Don Vosburg

Technology specialist, SUSE LINUX

The most useful part of this Boot Camp was getting a good understanding of the architecture, and meeting participants from other companies working on OpenStack. It helped me understand the status of the OpenStack Project in terms of how it can help our mutual customers today, and in the future.

David R. Meyer

Solutions architect, DELL

The instructor was first-rate and clearly knows the product. He was easy to understand and ran the class well.

Anthony Edwards

I think that the class was very well put together. Chad was very knowledgeable of the entire process and he answered every question in detail. This class helped me understand how all the pieces work together which in return help me understand the overall architecture of our AIC environment.

Anna Komaristaia

Well organized course and Todd was a great instruction ! I received a lot of interesting and useful information.Very nice overview of all components. A lot of workshops : great part of course. Also I liked the OS installation and configuration OS200 . It allows to see what is the dependencies between components and how to debug the failures. And Heat : for sure I will use it in my actual work. I recommend to take this course even if you think you are familiar with OS.

Kelvin Baez

I Attended the Mirantis OpenStack training as my customer is deploying their cloud infrastructure using Mirantis. This was a great class as I was able to grasp and come up to speed on all the different module that incorporates openstack. As a L3 network engineering this is a learning curve for me and Im glad I attended this course. Keep up the great work.

Rodney Evans

This was a good course to get introduced into Openstack. Todd was a very good and very patient instructor who made sure each topic was understood. The fact the course is hands on is great.

John Lopotko

Bootcamp OS100 I attended provided a great foundation to begin my journey into OpenStack. The material was laid out well and easy to follow. The instructor Chad provided an entertaining narrative that kept the class moving forward and engaged. The class provided the understanding and motivation for me to set up my own environment to continue my studies.

Madhan Kumar S

It was a good training. Helped me to understand the overall architecture and solution related to automation and sdn

Nick Klenke

Chad was a great instruction in OS240. We covered a lot in the short 4 day course, but we learned about how to administer an OpenStack cloud from Horizon as well as build our own cloud from scratch. Labs were easy to follow and gave us an opportunity to get our hands dirty in an admittedly difficult program.

Aaron McLean

The OS250 class was very good. Chad Miller was our teacher. I would highly recommend him. The class keeps you very busy. Dont expect to multitask with you day job. You wont be able to absorb everything. I plan to take more Mirantis training.

Sean Johnson

Did the in person OCM100 and instructor was outstanding, this course will help you become very familiar and comfortable with OpenStack along with great labs that help you setup and manage an OpenStack environment. This was one of the best technical training bootcamps I have ever attended have gone to many.

Edwin Shulz

It was really good to have formal training. I knew a little bit of everything and now I feel ready to take the bootcamp. Great for people starting to get involved with openstack or just to know how it is.

Matthew Roark

OS200 is an excellent class for OpenStack administrators looking to further their knowledge of deploying OpenStack. This class covers a fair amount of knowledge relating to the underlying services and components needed to deploy a cloud. The lab portion of the class is quite comprehensive as well. Definitely recommend taking this course!

Fabien Gomez

It was an really great bootcamp with the right ratio or theory vs practice. If you dont have any prior OpenStack experience, be ready to learn a lot of things in a short amount of time. I personally had some experience but this training allowed me to go way deeper and the deploy OpenStack from scratch is a must.

Kumar Mayank

The curriculum was very precise and informative. Dušan did a great job at handling the multitude of queries. Hope to take the Advanced course soon.

Ryan Thompson

Currently a WindowsExchangeSharePoint Engineer with limited Linux zero OpenStack knowledge prior to this course. Todd was an amazing instructor and the course was extremely well organized. The hands on labsDevStack environment was GREAT! I recommend this training course by Mirantis. PS – I passed the Exam

Jeff Dillahay

I took the bootcamp with very little Openstack experience and now have the confidence to jump in and help support the private cloud at work. There was a good balance of lecture and lab, high level and detail, and our instructor was able to answer questions about technologies in our environment.

Kalpesh Katwala

Training for OS50 course. Excellent and very basic Intro into OpenStack. Provided in an easy-to-understand language and exercises. Started from Horizon GUI and ended with Orchestration through cli interface.

Roshan Sathe

The Openstack Bootcamp teached by Devin Parrish was excellent and was very useful to us it helped understanding of in depth core functionality of all OpenStack components. Great Training and I passed the exam

Joseph Carrieri

Best class I have taken in a long time–great instructor, great labs, well organized and well structured..will recommend to many!!!!

Josue Ogando

A great course with very knowledgeable instructor has improved my OpenStack knowledge and given me practical tips which I apply daily.

Alexandre Sousa

Excellent training! You learn all you need to implement OpenStack from scratch. I recommend for anyone looking for advanced skills on planning, installing and troubleshooting OpenStack.

Adrian Moreno Martinez

I took the Mirantis OS200 bootcamp a week ago in London and it was really useful, especially about how to design an OpenStack cluster and getting to know how everything ties together. The troubleshooting session on the last day was also very interesting. I would recommend this training to anyone interested in extending their knowledge in OpenStack.

Mohammed Massoune

The course is well structured as each day we learned about a block of the openstack and there was practical remote labs that we access with ssh terminal &amp via the web interface Horizon. Overall the training provided a huge value to all the participants and the instructor was so knowledgable about the system and he gives us many tips and tricks and also showed us the underhood of openstack and also about Ceph and Fuel.

Inaki Borrero

Excellent training by Mirantis: this is a must have in your journey to OS if you are not experienced and hands on with OS. Very good detail, explanations and knowledgeable trainer on all the different projects. Very good and sharp labs that will prepare you for the exam. Thx Mirantis!

John Cuddy

Great Course- hands on labs and disucssion format were excellent. The instructors are very knowledgeable and followed with answers on questions that required further investigation. Would highly recommend this course to others interested in OpenStack

Jason Brummal

Mirantis did a good job with getting the information out and gives a solid foundation to work from. The instructor was entertaining, which is important when working through some dry material.

Michael Gorman

I was very impressed with the OS110 bootcamp. The instructor was professional, knowledgeable, and quick to find answers to the odd questions that came up. He adapted quickly to a different sort of student, as the majority of us were networking folks, not software developers or system admins by profession. The material was well documented, and the instruction and labs gave a strong foundation for the certification exam.

Walter Nickels

Instructor Steven Nemeth was very knowledgeable and professional. He was very thorough and explained enough without over explaining. The materials were worthwhile and overall the class was outstanding for me.

Liam McEntee

The self-paced KD100 is a very nice course, which steadily built the students knowledge of docker & kubernetes and was re-enforced with the lab sessions throughout

Karan Pugla

OS100 bootcamp is great way to learn about all the major components of Openstack. Its comprehensive and quick. The certification is a hands on exam which tests your real Openstack Administration skills. Totally worth it.

Joel Kingsbury

I found this course to be very in depth and well taught. I recommend this training to anyone who wants to gain a good understanding of the openstack model and how it operates.

Ramakrishna Basa

This OS 200 training was the best. Well guided across all topics with a details Lab manual to complete hands on implementation. The trainer was very clear while explaining and answering our queries. Appreciate your good work.

Rengarajan Ramachandran

I took the Mirantis Openstack Bootcamp training OS100 in July at Dallas conducted by Damian Igbe . It is one of the best training i have attended and the concepts of openstack and its components were well explained by the instructor. Great training, Planning to take OS200 as well.

Wessel de Roode

It was above expectation to learn like this. I was skeptical, I learned much more this way than in a class room.
The big +++ is working with yourDesktop and not a laptop. There was no traveling involved and hence no impact on my private life. The small group and the constant interaction with the teacher made me focused the whole 3 days. The teacher did a great job and I wasnt expecting it to be that smooth to do this kind of complex material online. With the cameras it became very personal

Kamal Swamidoss

Instructor Damian was knowledgeable and taught the fundamentals in a way that students with various areas and levels of expertise could grasp. The course filled in many significant gaps in my understanding of how OpenStack works and how to use it. The slides and diagrams are a valuable reference, difficult to find such well-organized and -presented material online.

Prasad Chandratre

This was a great learning opportunity for me. I always wanted to have a thorough introduction to different OpenStack components and have hands on experience with the OpenStack Web as well as command line utilities. Mirantis has prepared a very effective learning class structure; which makes student get all the knowledge needed to become successful administrator of OpenStack environment. My am feeling very confident after the boot camp and glad that; I could pass the Certification exam with ease. Mirantis has done a great job indeed! Deserves 5 stars!

Kelly Chen

The bootcamp for OS200 is a wonderful training which can help us to understand the openstack from the architecture to the details. We are looking for more advantage traning and certification including the trouble shooting skill set and knowledge to support the commercial deployment.

Andy Xiao

I’m very glad to have the opportunity to attend Damian’s Openstack Bootcamp and I really learned a lot about OpenStack.The bootcamp is very helpful and practical to understand OpenStack fundamentals.More importantly; hands-on OpenStack operational experiences can be gained through this excellent training course. I highly recommend this MCA200 OpenStack Bootcamp.

Per Pettersson

Higly intense and good bootcamp course covering the details of OpenStack. The instructor; Devin Parrish was excellent in delivering the material with an in-depth knowledge of OpenStack. I found it especially beneficial that a large part of the lab’s were done from the command line.

Anthony Driscoll

Easily the best training course I have taken in the last 15 years. The instructor; Devin Parrish; was very knowledgeable. The hands-on practical exercises were especially beneficial and were immediately applied in my daily tasks at my place of employment. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to acquire openstack knowledge.

John Dicker

The OS100 class met/exceeded my expectations. The experience; the labs; and the level of knowledge and focus on getting the material across was fantastic! If you want to attend this class I would highly recommend it; personally!Many of my peers have also taken the course and it is a great way to get familiar with OpenStack and also begin your deep dive!! Awesome!! John Dicker; Boston area Solution Architect!

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