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Digital transformation adoption continues to be a key priority as consumers demand seamless digital experiences. In today’s evolving landscape, cloud adoption and open-source technologies empower organizations with agility and drive incremental value across the business and deliver the best customer experience

Are you getting the most out of Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has become the standard for deploying, scaling, and managing containers in production at scale. It’s popular because it solves hard things. However, Kubernetes itself is complicated. Equipping teams with the right skills is critical not only for the individuals but also for the business. In a recent survey, 80% of technologist state that Kubernetes has a steeper learning curve than most technologies.

The Mirantis training was dynamic with engaging instructors with hands-on lab exercises which were amazing. Within days we were able to do it on our own.

— Director of Solutions Architecture

Overcoming the Kubernetes steep learning curve

Kubernetes is complicated but training for it doesn’t have to be. Mirantis offers a dynamic learning environment where we put the learners at the center of the experience. From staying engaged throughout the training to hands on labs, learners hit the ground running and can apply their new skills to their own Kubernetes project.

Big Advantage of vendor Neutral training programs

  • Gain robust Kubernetes training that can be applied to any cloud.

  • Evolve along with your environment with core Kubernetes skills - deliver value without relying on what technologies are running today which can change tomorrow.

  • Achieve the flexibility to utilize a wide range of different vendor tools and solutions.


Fundamentals of Cloud Native Computing

In this webinar, Eric Frick, a cloud native instructor from Mirantis, and Myles Brown, a Senior Cloud and DevOps Advisor from ExitCertified, discuss cloud native architecture.


InterSystems Enhances and Accelerates its Use of Kubernetes with Training from Mirantis

InterSystems Corporation, a leading provider of database, interoperability, and analytics technology, chose to adopt Kubernetes to help speed delivery of cloud-native products to its customers, but the steep learning curve for Kubernetes was delaying this transition. 


Why you need Kubernetes training

As the industry leaders in container technology, Mirantis provides access to real world content that leverages our extensive experience delivering cloud technologies in production, at scale.