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Gain the confidence to navigate the complexity of Kubernetes by learning from Mirantis experts. As the industry leaders in container technology, Mirantis provides access to real world content that leverages our extensive experience delivering cloud technologies in production, at scale.

The one constant is change, cloud environments always evolve. The environment you work in today can change tomorrow so if you are looking to be a platform agnostic Kubernetes guru, we’ve got you covered!

We put you at the center of everything we do. Based on feedback from developers, operators and DevOps professionals like yourself, we know that you learn best by doing, so we include our interactive, hands-on lab environment in all our learning experiences. The integration of our real-world labs is unique, it’s not a simulated environment.

Unleash your Kubernetes Potential

Without a doubt, Kubernetes is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for running and deploying cloud native applications. The challenge, Kubernetes is a complex beast and there is a steep learning curve, one that can lead to frustration and slow you down. Even if you know some of the Kubernetes basics, the complexity requires continuous learning in order to be successful. In fact, 92% of IT professionals are demanding more training opportunities from their employers.


Why train with Mirantis?

Mirantis training embraces fun and interactive learning through gamification. Our innovative on-demand platform utilizes advanced learning technologies for an engaging experience. Our Kubernetes Bootcamps are Kubernetes distribution agnostic so you can leverage what you learn during this training in any environment. With vendor neutral training you will have the widest appeal to employers.

We know you are busy! We offer a variety of ways to learn that fits your schedule. With a swipe of a credit card, start investing in yourself today. Get started at LEARN.MIRANTIS.COM

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