Mirantis Training Reseller Partner

Become a Mirantis Training Partner

Mirantis is an established global leader in technical training for cloud technologies. We are a leading vendor in that space with our Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenStack training portfolio. Since 2012 we have successfully trained and certified over 40,000 cloud professionals, who choose Mirantis for our expert instructors, proven hands-on curriculum, real world focus, and preparation for industry recognized cloud certification exams.

Key Benefits of the Mirantis Training Reseller program:

The Mirantis Training reseller and partner program allows partners to leverage reseller discounts and uncover new selling opportunities for the Mirantis branded training offerings.

  • Top notch curriculum delivered by subject matter experts incorporating real-life production expertise along with the industry standard certification exams.

  • A simple and intuitive program makes it easy for you to do business with us. You will receive reseller discounts that lead to higher margins and a greater competitive advantage.

  • Leverage the Mirantis brand to uncover new opportunities and easily resell our training and certification to your customers.

  • Ongoing communication with the Mirantis training team, including access to a designated Training Coordinator who will keep you posted on training updates and will be available to answer your logistical, technical support, and payment questions.