All of our classes run from 9 AM – 5PM in the physical locations timezone. So for example, if the class is being held in California, both the onsite & virtual session will be held in the Pacific Standard Timezone.
Our courses have varying requirements, please head to the course specific page and review the “Lab Requirements” section.
A digital course manual will be distributed to you by the instructor on the day of the class.
All of our labs are run virtually, each student will receive their own virtual lab enviornment during the course of our classes.
Class recording is not allowed, there will be no exceptions made.
Certificates of Attendance will be administered to you 5-7 business days after filling out the class survey.
Prices vary depending on the course(s) of your chose, number of students, location, format, and possible customization. You can request a quote here, and our team will get back to you to discuss the optimal training solution for your training goal.
While onsite class sizes can vary, the ideal group size for a private training course is 8-20 students.
We find that the optimal class size is 15 students, this provides the best instructor to student experience. However, some of our courses can accomodate up to 20 participants – please contact us for more details.
Please ensure to review our ClassRoom Requirements page. The most important part to keep an eye on is the required open ports, failing to follow the proper requirements procedures will result in issues with lab delivery.
By default all of our courses & materials are in English.
We offer three different options for private training. Onsite (our instructor comes to you), Virtual (conducted online), or Hybrid which provides the best of both world, allowing you to have both students onsite as well as connecting virtually.
We offer a variety of customization from simple syllabus adjustments where we can focus on certain modules for you more than others. All the way to custom modules being created specifically for your team. Dependent on the complexity of your request customization charges may be included.
Mirantis private training can be arranged in any country worldwide.
Certificates of Attendance will be administerd to students 5-7 business days after filling out the class survey.
On Demand sessions allow you to access our class labs & materials at your own pace. After purchasing an On Demand seat you will be provided with instant access to our self learning portal. Here you will find all of the Theory deliverables (presented as a recording of our instructor) as well as prompts to launch & access your labs when you reach that stage.
No specific setup is required, just register and checkout and you will be provided with access.
Our On Demand subscriptions last for 1 year from date of purchase.
You will be provided with up to 240 hours of hands-on cloud based lab access.

Watch the videos of your course at

Click “Guest” in the top right of the page and “Login”. If you do not already have an ExitCertified login using your email address, click “Don’t have an account? Sign Up!” to create a new login using that email address.

Go to the “Course Videos” menu, “Mirantis” sub-menu. On the next page, click your course to access its videos. To become oriented to the video environment, start with the brief “ExitCertified On Demand Introduction” video.

Please contact support at and describe your login issues.
Please email support at or call (844) 721-3948 if you have any questions .
You will have access to the course materials for (1) year from the date of purchase.
Upon completing the course, you will be given the option to generate your own Certificate of Completion within our Self-paced training portal.
Please find the exam you are looking for on our certification page and head to it. You will be able to find the exam specific machine requirements listed at the bottom under “Lab Requirements”
We accept any government issued identification: passport, driver licencse, government id, etc.
Please review the exam formats for each exam on its dedicated page, you can find all of our exams on the Certification catalog.
Please contact us directly at with your order number & request.
Please review requirements for each exam on its dedicated page, you can find all of our exams on the Certification catalog.
One of the best ways to prepare for an exam is by taking one of our related Bootcamps. As an example, our OS220: OpenStack Administration & Operations is specifically designed to prepare you for the COA exam.
To access our cloud hosted exam lab environment, students will need a computer with a ssh client and a web browser.
Exams are initially scored by our automated grading system and then reviewed by personally by our curriculum development team to ensure no errors have occured during grading. Typically results go out within 7 business days.
You have the option to either opt-in or opt-out of our certification database. If you choose to opt-in your name and city will be searachable within our database. If you choose to opt-out, you information will not be displayed anywhere. You can verify your active certificate by heading to
Yes, you can purchase a class or certification exam for someone else.
Yes, we do offer volume discounts, please contact us at for more information.
Please reach out to with your inquiry and we will get back to you within 24H.
Please reach out to with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
The Mirantis Training Subscription is the most flexible way to purchase Mirantis training for your teams! It allows you to conveniently purchase a bank of Training Credits that can be redeemed throughout the year for any Mirantis training or certification offering as your enablement needs arise. To learn more please head to our Training Subscription page.
All current Mirantis Training & Certifications are available through our Subscription program. To learn more please head to our Training Subscription page.
Any current updates or newly released courses will be available to you as a subscription customer as soon as they are available.
  • Training Previews
  • Extended Lab Access
  • Designated Account Manager
  • Waived On-site Travel Fee’s
  • Waived Course Customization Fees

For a full list of all subscription benefits, please visit out Training Subscription page.

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