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Why choose Mirantis as your training Partner?

Mirantis is not just another training vendor; we are a true training partner that is invested in your success. We focus on building a deeper relationship and deeper understanding of your needs so we can help you deliver value.

Customers describe Mirantis as best in breed in Cloud Native and OpenStack training. Organizations partner with us for value that goes beyond training their employees. Organizations that adopt a learning culture have reaped additional benefits:

Training with a True Partner

  • Increase Employee Engagement

  • Boost Employee Motivation

  • Improvement in Culture

  • Accelerate Productivity, Prevent project delays

  • Developer Retention

Making your valuable assets the key to Kubernetes success

Whether you are just getting started or have already embarked on your container journey, undertaking Kubernetes is an arduous endeavor. You are not alone. In fact, 80% of technologist cite that Kubernetes has a steeper learning curve than most technologies.

The foundation of being successful is investing in your most valuable assets, your people. 92% of professionals are demanding more training opportunities from their employers.

Accelerate your value of Kubernetes with Training

  • Faster time to market giving you competitive advantage.

  • Enhanced and innovative customer experiences running on modern applications.

  • More efficient deployment and management of workloads, resulting in significant cost savings in IT overhead.

  • Improved Scalability and availability.

  • Realize benefits of your cloud transformation.

What to look for in a training partner

A partner with a training pedigree

One that is invested in continuous improvement and feedback for an engaging learning experience

Highly valued, the proof is in the customer satisfaction scores

A team of experts that have a blend of technical expertise, education and curriculum development