Courseware Information


Designated length of class delivery including instructional and lab times.


These are recommended maximum number of students per class to ensure optimal learning experience.

Delivery Method

  • (C)lassroom – These classes can be delivered at physical classroom locations led by in-person instructors.

  • (V)irtual – These classes can be delivered via web conferencing mechanisms to remote students via the internet.

  • (O)n (D)emand – These classes are available in an online self-paced format.

MSRP (Mirantis Suggest Retail Price)

This is the suggested price that ATPs charge end customer students for a single seat in this class. This price is based on the course content and market comparables, however ATPs are free to price, advertise, and discount as they see fit. Please note the Royalty Fee is a fixed fee regardless of the price which a seat was sold for.

Per Student Royalty Fee

The fee due from ATP to Mirantis for each student who sits in the designated class. This Fee varies by course, and by the Annual Student Commitment level specified in each ATP’s Mirantis Authorized Training Partner Agreement.


  • TBR (To Be Released) – These classes are planned for release at a future date and can not yet be delivered ATPs. Website and LMS updates, as well as schedule planning should be initiated by ATPs. If a date is provided this is the estimated GA date.

  • GA (General Availability) – These classes can be delivered by all qualified ATPs with appropriately prepared instructors. Courseware is actively maintained and released.

  • EOM (End of Maintenance) – New deliveries should not be scheduled by ATPs, but already planned future deliveries can be completed by existing qualified ATPs with appropriately prepared instructors. However, Mirantis is no longer supporting these classes nor providing ongoing courseware updates. If a date is provided this is the planned End of Life date (see below).

  • EOL (End of Life) – These classes cannot be delivered by ATPs. They are not supported or maintained.


Regional Pricing Adjustments

For an ATP selling training outside of the US and Canada, below is a list of pricing ratios to use by region. The pricing ratios should be applied to the MSRP price in order to calculate the recommended price per seat for your region, as well as to the Per Student Royalty Fee to calculate royalties due. For example, if you were selling a public seat in France listed at $2,995 per student, your regionally adjusted recommended price would be $2,695.50 = ($2,995 * 0.9) and the associated Per Student Royalty Fee would be similarly calculated.