Interested in Mirantis Training, but aren’t ready yet to register for a class? We have a variety of free training resources that you can take advantage of, from full webinars to detailed video previews that are taken directly from our live classes.

Recorded Training Webinars

OpenStack Training

Top Sysadmin Tasks and How to Do Them with OpenStack

Grzegorz Pawelski, Nick Chase

In this webinar recording Grzegorz Pawelski shows how to perform some of the most common System Administrator tasks using OpenStack.

Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes and Docker Mini-Bootcamp

Andrew Lee, Nick Chase

In this special 60-minute webinar recording, we’ll give you the context you need to understand how containers, Docker and Kubernetes relate to OpenStack so you can begin to dive in.


Are You Certifiable? Why Cloud Technology Certification Matter

Jens Soeldner, Mariela Gagnon, Nick Chase

In this webinar recording look at how employers look at certifications, and why they are so important to employers. Discover the most sought after cloud technology certification.

Software Defined Networking

SDN Mini-Bootcamp

Grzegorz Pawelski, Nick Chase

In this webinar recording, we will show you how SDN evolved from traditional networking and guide you through its basic concepts and more.

Mirantis Training Previews

free Training resources

Mirantis Training Previews

Check out the preview of our most popular OpenStack and Kubernetes courses. Each video contains a 30 minute preview of one of our instructor-led sessions. We hope that this allows our students the chance to really see what our courses are about and let them make the right choice to suit their needs. Go ahead and sign up today!

free Training resources

Neutron Networking in OpenStack

Check out the excerpt from the OpenStack Bootcamp course that covers the Neutron module. The 23 minute video includes the recorded bootcamp session covering the basics of Neutron, its features, components, some of the Neutron plugins, as well as the preview of the hands-on labs.

Mirantis Training Quizzes

OpenStack Certification Quiz

Mirantis OpenStack Quiz

To help you prepare for your OpenStack certification exam, Mirantis is offering you a sneak peek of exam questions. Questions provided in this sample quiz are taken directly from the OpenStack Certification Exams. Learn More

Training Offers

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