Mirantis Training Partner Program

Mirantis Training Partner Program

Mirantis Training is one of the world’s leading providers for OpenStack education. Since 2012, Mirantis Training has certified and trained over 5,000 students interested in advancing their skills in OpenStack, including representative SMB and some of the largest enterprise companies. Growing interest in cloud technologies is driving demand for individuals with the skills needed to deploy and manage OpenStack environments. As a leader in OpenStack education, it is our mission to promote the knowledge of OpenStack on a global scale.

The Mirantis Training Partnership Program has been designed to promote OpenStack education, training, and certification. Mirantis partners with select technology companies to bring our rigorous, proven OpenStack curriculum to local classrooms around the world.

Mirantis’ courseware and curriculum provides students with a thorough and detailed understanding of all of the steps necessary to operate an OpenStack environment. Unlike other companies in the OpenStack space, our training is based on 100% open-source OpenStack, with no vendor specific versions and/or proprietary implementations. This is complemented by the industry’s most relevant hands-on exercises and labs.

How to Join

The Mirantis Training Partner Program was created with various training channels in mind. We offer two unique options to ensure that you get the support you need to meet your objectives while providing your customers with the confidence of knowing that they are receiving Mirantis’ industry-recognized training.

Become a Training Delivery Partner to train IT professionals for OpenStack within classroom environments.

Join the Mirantis Training Reseller Program to help sell Mirantis Training offerings.