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Docker Containerization Essentials (OD)

In the CN100: Docker Containerization Essentials course, you’ll learn how to create and manage individual containers using the Docker Engine. We’ll cover best practices in container image design and container deployment and auditing, as well as an introduction to single-node container networking and storage. This course is best practices focused, and is designed to enable rapid successful adoption of containerization from first principles.

Who Can Benefit

  • Motivations: Develop, operate or manage scalable containerized applications orchestrated by Docker Swarm

  • Roles: General technical audiences & IT professionals


  • Familiarity with the bash shell

  • Filesystem navigation and manipulation

  • Command line text editors like vim or nano

  • Common tooling like curl, wget and ping

  • Familiarity with YAML and JSON notation

  • CN100 course or equivalent experience

Lab Requirements

  • Laptop with WiFi connectivity

  • Attendees should have the latest Chrome or Firefox installed, and a free account at strigo.io

Course Objectives

  • Setting up and configuring a Swarm

    • Operational priorities of container orchestration

    • Containerized application architecture

    • Swarm scheduling workflow & task model

    • Automatic failure mitigation

    • Swarm installation & advanced customization

  • Deploying workloads on Swarm

    • Defining workloads as services

    • Scaling workloads

    • Container scheduling control

    • Rolling application updates and rollback

    • Application healthchecks

    • Application troubleshooting

    • Deploying applications as Stacks

  • Networking Swarm workloads

    • Swarm service discovery and routing implementation

    • Routing strategies for stateful and stateless workloads

    • Swarm ingress traffic

  • Provisioning dynamic configuration

    • Application configuration design

    • Environment variable management

    • Configuration file management

    • Provisioning sensitive information

  • Provisioning persistent storage

    • Storage backend architecture patterns

    • NFS backed Swarms

  • Monitoring Swarm

    • What to monitor in production-grade Swarms

    • Potential Swarm failure modes & mitigations

    • Swarm workload monitoring