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Creating Container Images


In this module all about creating container images with Dockerfiles you will learn how to:

  • Create images via several methods

  • Describe the filesystem structure underlying an image

  • Understand the performance implications of different image design decisions

  • Correctly tag and namespace images for distribution on a registry


  • Describe the filesystem structure underlying an image

  • Create images via several methods

  • Identify core Dockerfile commands

Lab Topics

Interactive Image Creation:

  • Create a container image from a running Docker container.

  • Inspect filesystem changes in a container image.

Creating Images with Dockerfiles:

  • Write a Dockerfile using the FROM and RUN commands

  • Build an image from a Dockerfile

  • Anticipate which image layers will be fetched from the cache at build time

  • Fetch build history for an image

  • Define a default process for an image to containerize by using the ENTRYPOINT or CMD Dockerfile commands

  • Understand the differences and interactions between ENTRYPOINT and CMD

  • Ensure that a containerized process doesn't run as root by default.