Introduction to Cloud Native Technology

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In this course, you’ll learn the basics of cloud and cloud-native computing. We’ll cover cloud-native terminology and basic architecture, history and industry trends, general architecture, the cloud-native community and industry leaders, advantages and limitations of cloud computing, and what’s involved with migrating to the cloud. This course is designed to enable you make decisions about next steps when considering implementing cloud-native technologies and practices in your organization.

Who Can Benefit

  • Role: IT managers and professionals

  • Motivations: learn fundamentals of cloud-native technologies


  • Some familiarity with the software development industry helpful

Lab Requirements

  • Laptop with WiFi connectivity

Course Objectives

  • Terminology & Basic Overview

    • Overview and Activity

    • What is the “Cloud”

    • Cloud Deployment Models 

    • Cloud Service Models

    • What is Cloud-Native

    • OACA & CNCF

    • Key Abbreviations

    • Key Applications

    • Other Key Terms

  • The History of Cloud Computing

    • Timeline - Key eras and Key events

    • Future Trends

  • Key Industry Players

    • Cloud-native Community

    • Cloud Service Providers

    • Other Companies

  • Cloud Fundamentals

    • The Advantages of Cloud Computing

    • The Limitations of Cloud Computing

    • The Economics of Cloud Computing

  • The Migration to Cloud Native

    • What is Cloud Maturity?

    • What is Cloud Native Architecture

    • From Monolith to Cloud Native

    • Transforming the Pipeline for Cloud-Native Development

  • Next Steps

    • Additional Resources

    • Cloud Maturity Models

    • Training from Mirantis