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Empower Your Team with Private Training

When you sign up for Private OpenStack Training by Mirantis, our experts come to you. At the location of your choice, our instructors will set up our signature lab and teach you everything you need to know about OpenStack, its deployment, environment, and key components. With more flexibility and classes tailored to your immediate needs, there is no better way to familiarize your company with OpenStack than with Private OpenStack Training by Mirantis.

For private courses, our OpenStack trainers are at your location and solely focused on your company's needs. Featuring lectures and hands-on labs like its public equivalent, the class is delivered by Mirantis experts with deep practical experience in developing and deploying OpenStack clouds in production environments. We want to address your unique questions to help you benefit from our expertise in OpenStack technology.

Enablement And Value

A well-trained team is your most important investment towards your OpenStack roll-out, migration and maintenance. Onsite training enables everyone on your team to learn and collaborate in a familiar environment. You also save on costs associated with lost productivity, travel expenses and jet lag.

If you have a team of between 10-30 people who could benefit from Mirantis private training, please call us or fill out the form below. If you are a smaller group or an individual, please visit our open enrollment schedule.

Training Subscription

Mirantis Subscription allows you to conveniently purchase training for your team. There are several Subscription Levels that include number of Training Credits entitled per year for each one (1) year term as shown below, access to Mirantis Training Portal for the maximum number of Customer employees along with additional Training Subscription Benefits. To learn more, please contact us.

Call us at (408) 915-6469 or send us a message using the form below.

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See who Mirantis has trained

Honestly, this is the best technical training I have ever taken. The trainer was very conscious of our needs and taught us how to configure OpenStack in order to build a cloud and virtualization environment.

Haley Shi
Principal Software Design Engineer

It is a strongly recommended course for those who are going to work in OpenStack within Ericsson. I will definitely recommend this to my teammates as the hands-on lab was very useful.

Sohail Arham
Cloud Services Professional, CoE

The overview of architecture, followed up with the hands on labs was extremely useful. This is the training to get and these are the folks you need to get it from.

Greg Zukowski
Cloud Security Architecture & Engineer

The networking components and the hands-on labs were helpful for gaining a working knowledge of using, configuring, and troubleshooting Openstack. This class is essential for anyone who is new to Openstack as well as those who are currently working with it, regardless of your role.

Gerry Klee
Network Engineer

Mirantis does a good job breaking down this complex topic into learnable modules, the labs were especially useful.

Jason Doffing
Senior Cloud Engineer

The training was especially beneficial as it provides an overall view of [Open]Stack and how the product works. I felt that OpenStack was explained in detail and I now feel like I have a better view of the product overall.

Thomas Kuznia
Lead Systems Engineer

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