• Oct 28
    Mon 09:00 AM CDT - Mon 05:00 PM CDT Online (Virtual) Mirantis OS50-038
    • $795.00 incl. Tax
    • Guaranteed To Run
    • US Time
  • Nov 04
    Mon 09:00 AM CET - Mon 05:00 PM CET Berlin, Germany Mirantis OS50-039
    • $795.00 incl. Tax
  • Nov 04
    Mon 09:00 AM CET - Mon 05:00 PM CET Online (Virtual) Mirantis OS50-040
    • $795.00 incl. Tax
    • Guaranteed To Run
    • EMEA Time
  • Dec 02
    Mon 09:00 AM IST - Mon 05:00 PM IST Bangalore, India Mirantis OS50-042
    • $556.50 incl. Tax
    • Special Regional Price
  • Dec 02
    Mon 09:00 AM IST - Mon 05:00 PM IST Online Mirantis OS50-043
    • $556.50 incl. Tax
    • Special Regional Price
    • IST Time
  • Dec 16
    Mon 09:00 AM CST - Mon 05:00 PM CST Online (Virtual) Mirantis OS50-041
    • $795.00 incl. Tax
    • Guaranteed To Run
    • US Time

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Mirantis Training OS50 OpenStack Fundamentals

UPDATE! The OpenStack Fundamentals Bootcamp (OS50) has been updated for the OpenStack Rocky release

This OpenStack primer is a high level version of our top selling OpenStack Bootcamp I (OS100) course, with a focus on developing business perspectives and understanding the basics of OpenStack. This course is intended for OpenStack end-users such as project managers, business developers, and sales engineers who require cloud platform operational skills and a high level understanding of cloud computing, using OpenStack. The course is broken up into two sections: lectures and labs

The lectures provide students with the basics of cloud computing, OpenStack business values, an introduction to OpenStack and the OpenStack Foundation, and the OpenStack Ecosystem.

The labs provide students with hands-on experience using the Dashboard UI (Horizon) to provision your own cloud resources like virtual machines, virtual networks, and block storage. Students will also gain experience managing their own application image repository.

Duration: 1 Day

Have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Audience & Prerequisites

Managers looking to gain familiarity with OpenStack and its cloud ecosystem

  • Project Managers
  • Pre-Sales / Sales Engineers
  • Development Managers
  • Business Stakeholders


  • None

Objectives and Outline

By the end of this course, students will be able to describe compelling enterprise use cases of OpenStack with a high level understanding of OpenStack components and how they interrelate. Furthermore, students will gain knowledge of operating an OpenStack cluster as an end-user which equates to valuable hands-on experience for business developers and sales engineers to seamlessly transition from pre-sales to successfully closing deals.

Please review our syllabus for the course objectives and outline.

Lab Requirements

To access our cloud hosted lab environment, student will need a laptop computer with a web browser.

What's Included?

  • Presentations and Workbooks provided by Instructor
  • Access to Cloud based labs for duration of class
  • Certificate of Completion

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