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Docker Swarm Application Essentials

Discover what makes an application on Docker Swarm


In this course, you’ll learn what a containerized application looks like when orchestrated by Docker Swarm. We’ll cover scheduling workloads across a cluster, networking stateless and stateful applications, provisioning dynamic configuration and persistent storage, and scaling highly available applications in this course intended to set a strong foundation in orchestration for all technical roles.

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted at students with the following:

  • Motivations: Develop, operate or manage scalable containerized applications orchestrated by Docker Swarm

  • Roles: General technical audiences & IT professionals

Lab Requirements

  • Laptop with WiFi connectivity

  • Attendees should have the latest Chrome or Firefox installed, and a free account at

Course Objectives

  • Setting up and configuring a Swarm

    • Operational priorities of container orchestration

    • Containerized application architecture

    • Swarm scheduling workflow & task model

    • Automatic failure mitigation

    • Swarm installation & advanced customization

  • Deploying workloads on Swarm

    • Defining workloads as services

    • Scaling workloads

    • Container scheduling control

    • Rolling application updates and rollback

    • Application healthchecks

    • Application troubleshooting

    • Deploying applications as Stacks 

  • Networking Swarm workloads

    • Swarm service discovery and routing implementation

    • Routing strategies for stateful and stateless workloads

    • Swarm ingress traffic

  • Provisioning dynamic configuration

    • Application configuration design

    • Environment variable management

    • Configuration file management

    • Provisioning sensitive information

  • Provisioning persistent storage

    • Storage backend architecture patterns

    • NFS backed Swarms

  • Monitoring Swarm

    • What to monitor in production-grade Swarms

    • Potential Swarm failure modes & mitigations

    • Swarm workload monitoring

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