Lens Essentials

Learn to accelerate Kubernetes workflows using Lens Desktop in Mirantis' Lens Essentials course.

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In this course, you’ll learn how to use lens desktop to accelerate your Kubernetes workflow. Lens is a full-fledged Kubernetes platform, enabling you to manage multiple clusters and achieve full situational awareness for all of them. Whether you are a developer or an operator, Lens is the essential tool to reduce complexity and accelerate productivity with Kubernetes.op to accel

Who Can Benefit

  • Role: general technical audiences & IT professionals

  • Motivations: deploy and manage kubernetes workloads and cluster faster


  • Familiarity with basic Kubernetes concepts

Lab Requirements

  • Laptop with WiFi connectivity

Course Objectives

  • Kubernetes Cluster Deployment

    • Configure and deploy Kubernetes users in seconds using Lens

  • Running Secure Clusters

    • Run local and secure Kubernetes clusters using Lens

  • Workload Observability

    • Troubleshoot and debug deployments in real time using Lens

  • Multi-cluster Management

    • Manage and Monitor multiple clusters with full situational awareness using Lens

  • Access Control

    • Grant and revoke access to their clusters using Lens