Get industry-leading instruction in a professional classroom or online from a live senior instructor. All of our instructors are engineers first and teachers second, meaning they have a strong technical background and subject matter expertise as opposed to presenters that mainly parrot the information.

CoursesDuration Price
OS50: OpenStack Fundamentals 1 Day $995.00
OS100: OpenStack Bootcamp I 3 Days $2,795.00
OS200: OpenStack Bootcamp II 3 Days $2,795.00
OS300: OpenStack Bootcamp III 3 Days $2,795.00
KD100: Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp 2 Days $1,995.00
SDN100: Software Defined Networking Bootcamp 2 Days $1,995.00
MCP100: Mirantis Cloud Platform 3 Days $2,795.00
BundlesDuration Price
OS110: OpenStack Bootcamp I + OCM100 Certification 4 Days $3,195.00
OS250: OpenStack Accelerated Bootcamp with Exam 5 Days $3,995.00
KD110: Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp + KCM100 Exam 3 Days $2,395.00
ExamsDuration Price
OCM50: OpenStack Certification 90 Minutes $300.00
OCM100: OpenStack Certification 180 Minutes $600.00
KCM100: Kubernetes and Docker Certification 180 Minutes $600.00