Mirantis Course Catalog

Mirantis is the leading provider of Cloud Computing education, with instructor led training in more than 80 cities around the world and online. We offer a comprehensive suite of courses to address the Cloud Computing objectives of administrators, developers, and architects. We also offer the industry’s most demanding certification exams for both OpenStack and Kubernetes, which tests candidates on the technical skills highly sought after by employers. Our course catalog is listed below, for public sessions, please follow the registration links.

CoursesDuration Register
IST50: Service Mesh and Istio Fundamentals 1 Day Register
IST100: Microservices and Istio Bootcamp 2 Days Register
SPIN50: Spinnaker Fundamentals 1 Day Register
OS50: OpenStack Fundamentals 1 Day Register
OS100: OpenStack Bootcamp I 3 Days Register
KD100: Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp 2 Days Register
KD200: Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp II 3 Days Register
KP300: Kubernetes in Production Bootcamp 2 Days Register
MCPOps: MCP Operations Bootcamp 2 Days Register
MCP100: Mirantis Cloud Platform 3 Days Register
BundlesDuration Register
OS250: OpenStack Accelerated Bootcamp 4 Days Register
KD250: Accelerated Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp 4 Days Register
MCP250: Accelerated MCP Bootcamp 4 days Register
ExamsDuration Register
OCM50: OpenStack Certification 90 Minutes Register
OCM100: OpenStack Certification 180 Minutes Register
COA: OpenStack Foundation Exam 180 Minutes Register
KCM100: Kubernetes and Docker Certification 180 Minutes Register
CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator 240 Minutes Register

Instructor Led Training

Get industry-leading instruction in a professional classroom or online from a live senior instructor. All of our instructors are engineers first and teachers second, meaning they have a strong technical background and subject matter expertise as opposed to presenters that mainly parrot the information.

All of our courses and certification exams are also available for training delivery at your site, tailored to your team’s immediate training needs.

Training Offers

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