Become an OpenStack Expert with Mirantis

Mirantis Training offers a variety of OpenStack courses and exams that can suit the experience, knowledge and needs of your team.

Our OpenStack courses are available in multiple formats including: Live Instructor-led Training, Virtual Instructor-led Training, Private Training, and OnDemand training.

OpenStack Courses Duration Register
OS50: OpenStack Fundamentals
A one-day introduction course to the fundamentals of OpenStack
1 Day Register
OS100: OpenStack Bootcamp I
Detailed coverage of all of the steps to operate an OpenStack environment
3 Days Register
OS200: OpenStack Bootcamp II
Comprehensive hands-on training course on the manual deployment of OpenStack
3 Days Register
OS300: OpenStack Bootcamp III
Deploy, manage, and configure OpenStack in production
3 Days Register
OpenStack Bundles Duration Register
OS110: OpenStack Bootcamp I + OCM100 Certification
Detailed coverage of all of the steps to operate an OpenStack environment + The OCM100 exam
4 Days Register
OS250: OpenStack Accelerated Bootcamp with Exam
Combination of OpenStack Bootcamp I (OS110) and II (OS200) at rapid pace
5 Days Register
OpenStack Exams Duration Register
OCM50: OpenStack Certification
Theory based OpenStack exam, ideal for measuring an individual’s level of knowledge surrounding OpenStack.
90 Minutes Register
OCM100: OpenStack Certification
A performance based hands-on OpenStack exam, perfect for measuring an individual’s proficiency within OpenStack environments
180 Minutes Register